4 Real Estate Agents on the Benefits of Homeownership

Most Americans – nearly 75% – still regard homeownership as the pinnacle of life achievement.

Even during a difficult market for home buyers, most Americans – nearly 75% – still regard homeownership as the pinnacle of life achievement.

A home means so much more than prosperity, though. A home can represent stability, safety, and nostalgia you can’t put a price on. And who better to talk about achieving such a large life goal than the top real estate agents around the country?

Agents featured in Real Producers are the top producers in their markets for a reason, and the clients they take on are fortunate to have a professional of this caliber on their side for such a big decision. They bring passion, drive, and execution to every sale. And they’re all about achieving homeownership for their clients! Let’s hear from some recent Real Producers featured agents on what it’s like to see clients accomplish such a big goal in life, especially first-time homebuyers.

Real Estate Agent

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Tre Adams, Twin Cities Real Producers Agent

“Being a REALTOR® allows me to make an impact in my community.”

Tre delights in helping his clients achieve their goal of homeownership and walking with them every step of the way. He especially likes working with families who have never purchased a home before. The experience is priceless.

“This is why I love what I do,” he said. He prides himself on supporting first-time homebuyers and makes sure they are well educated every step of the way, including when it comes to down payment program options.

“One of the reasons I got into the industry is because I knew a lot of the people where I’m from didn’t understand what it took to buy a house,” explained Tre. “They didn’t understand credit.” As a true advocate for his clients, Tre helps make their dreams a reality.

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John Good, Honolulu Real Producers Agent

John is in the business of helping other people’s dreams come true through real estate.

“I find true passion and reward in helping people accomplish the goal of homeownership. Most people believe it is only a dream, far out in the future. Many who reach out to me think they are wasting their time. Some cases are a challenge for my team and me, but we do our best to make that dream come to life, even if it takes a long period of time to walk them through the necessary steps (credit repair, saving plans, etc.),” John explained.

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Ashley Smith, Tampa Bay Real Producers Agent

“If you can pay rent, you can own a house,” Ashley said. “That’s where my passion for homeownership comes from. It’s a proven way to build generational wealth. In the African American community, they’re not always taught that growing up. Since leaving the builder sales associate role, I’ve worked with more first-time homebuyers. Although I have to spend more time educating them on the process, it is worth it. Their eyes are opened.” Ashley knows when people realize they can afford to purchase a home, it changes their lives.

“I’m passionate about educating people about homeownership,” said Ashley. “There are so many misconceptions.” Ashley is out in Tampa Bay setting the record straight on the obtainability of homeownership!

Real Estate Agent

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Crystal Torres, Corpus Christi Real Producers Agent

“In 2013, I knew I wanted to become a REALTOR®, and even had a dream about being an agent, so I asked myself ‘why?’ I realized it was because that year [my husband] Charles and I became first-time homeowners. It was my proudest accomplishment after becoming a wife and a mother. I wanted to share that experience with others, and help them find their homes, experience the ‘American Dream,’ and help them feel fulfilled,” Crystal explained.