Salesman in Seattle, Uniting the Top Real Estate Community

Over the last year I have found my stride, gained momentum, and know what I am capable of doing.

Mine is yet another story in which timing, mindset, support, and an amazing company have been the driving forces behind success. And I realize I still have a long way to go.

After years of urging by my wonderful wife to join N2 –she’s had great success as an Area Director – I found a work “home” with the Real Producers brand in 2019. The first year was anything but roses (ahem, 2020). But even amid the pandemic I will have raised my monthly profit by $8-10K (or higher) by the time you’re reading this.

Seattle RP, Defined

Let’s get down to business – that’s what you’re here for. I cover two counties that have over 23,000 agents hanging their license. Seattle Real Producers focuses on the top one percent.

I love hearing the stories of success, the struggles, the thought processes, and how people ultimately got where they are today.

The growth in the number of Preferred Partners is evidence Seattle RP is working. Specifically, though, I have partners thanking me constantly and asking if I need anything. Knowing there has been or will be an automatic renewal with our partners is a great feeling as a business owner.

Agents love that Real Producers is not a pay-to-play model. As we continue to gain traction in this market, more and more agents are realizing what we do is so much different from so many other platforms. I love hearing, “I can’t wait to read through the latest article and take tips and stories from the best in the business!”

Getting Started

Lindsay, my wife, pleaded with me for years to join N2, the company behind Real Producers. Even though I had grown to love N2 as a company – from the people at the very top to all the ADs I had met as a guest at Conferences – I still stubbornly avoided it. I was involved in three extremely lucrative professions: a year-round basketball coach, one-on-one basketball trainer, and stay-at-home dad. And then one day we did the math and realized Lindsay could make three times my annual salary in one 40-minute meeting. Talk about harsh math to process. A year later I went to training for Real Producers.

My first issue launched in August of 2019. I helped with content for this publication with a previous Area Director at the helm six months prior. But I soon realized they weren’t following the RP model, and figured there could potentially be an opening in the future. Spoiler alert: there was.

When Real Producers came along, I saw it as an opportunity to join the company, but it would be different from what Lindsay was doing. I had seen the hard work it takes to successfully run a thriving publication. What I hadn’t seen was someone take over a struggling publication. That learning curve was steady and difficult to navigate. But over the last year I have found my stride, gained momentum, and know what I am capable of doing.

Real Producers Area Director

Shea interviewing a top Seattle agent for his Seattle RP podcast, "The Show."

It wasn’t an overnight change. I had to build trust with the agents before I could focus on sales. I felt like I needed quality engagement from agents first and foremost. Each month I see more interaction, more engagement, and even though COVID eliminated live events last year, we are very excited to get back to them.

Our most recent event was a fundraiser for Rescue: Freedom International. This awesome nonprofit fights human trafficking globally and is headquartered in our area. Fighting to end slavery is close to N2’s mission, and our company has invested more than $13M to end this horrific reality. It’s very important to me, and I’m thrilled to help bring in donations for an amazing nonprofit as part of my role with Real Producers.

A Love Note to Seattle

As an area, yes it rains here. But I am upbeat and also know that I choose where I live, so you will not find me complaining about the weather. What people may not understand about this area is the diversity – in the people and the geography. Drive 45 minutes one way and you can ski or hike or bike a mountain. Drive 30 minutes the other way and you can be on a boat in a gorgeous lake, or hit the ocean and the surrounding islands and coastline. It is green and thriving. The PNW in the summer from July through September is truly magical.

I don’t know if we will ever move from here. It is our home.

More About Shea

Long, long ago it was a cold, cold day in Montana when I arrived on this planet. Let’s go back…

Just kidding! Although I was born in Montana, I moved to Seattle when I was 3 years old and have been here ever since.

I love anything sports and outdoors; first and foremost golf. Basketball, soccer, baseball, fishing, corn hole, ping pong. I love my daughters and showing them you can have fun, love life, and find happiness in any moment. Our family is big, and our family tree has a lot of different branches. We embrace them all! We don’t know any other way than to enjoy the ones we love and care about.

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